As the use of imagery become more and more important in expressing the tone and message of a site, it is essential to have easy-to-use tools to show the right image at the right time.

CommonSpot's Image Index element simplifies the process of selecting and automatically rendering lists of images and customizing display.  You can render images dynamically, through a filter, or drag and drop to manually set order. Applying an Image Index render handler lets you  to publish images in any format desired.  Easily create carousels, image grids with rollovers, masonry lists, slide shows, and more.

  • Automatically publish lists of images.
  • Select images from one or more galleries and manually drag & drop to order images, or create dynamic filters that auto-update image listings.
  • Filter using any combination of standard criteria, such as subsite, date range, keyword, category, or owner, or use advanced criteria to filter by field, or by a comparison operator and comparison value. 
  • Set images to display in random or defined order and optionally limit the number displayed at any one time.
  • Choose from predefined layouts to easily publish images in carousel, mosaic, slideshow, or other custom formats.

Screen Shots